Terms and conditions

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Weather Policy

Workshops will continue unless:

(1) We get persistent, heavy rain

(2) Courts are deemed too unsafe to play

(3) Conditions are such that it is deemed that players are not getting benefit from continuing to play.

We will play in the rain as the aim is to always deliver the programme.  Most showers are temporary so it is possible to dip in and out of sessions.

Please note:

All players play at their own risk. Courts can be slippery even when it is not raining.


Refund Policy Relating To Weather

Players will be refunded for missed playing time due to weather (see above) from 30mins upwards.



All bookings secured on receipt of payment.


Player Cancellation Policy

Players can cancel up to 5 days in advance to qualify for a full refund

Up to 4 days notice you qualify for a 85% refund

Up to 2 days notice you qualify for a 50% refund.

Inside 2days you are not eligible for any refund

We are unable to accept replacements of players in lieu of your booking


Our Cancellation Policy

We will contact you if the workshop needs to be postponed or cancelled with as much notice is as possible relating to the circumstances. We reserve the right to cancel a workshop if it is undersubscribed


4hr Workshop Timetable

0-20 mins                                            Welcome & Warm-Up

20mins – 2hrs                                      3 x sessions approx 30mins each (Technique Focus)

2hrs – 2hrs15mins                               Snack break

2hrs15mins – 3hrs45mins                   2/3 sessions (Tactical Focus)

3hrs45mins – 4hrs                               Stretch & Round Up

4hrs onwards                                      The Debrief – Local Watering Hole


3hr Workshop Timetable

0-20 mins                                            Welcome & Warm-Up

20mins – 2hrs 30mins                         4-5 workstations. Technique and Challenges

2hrs30mins-2hrs 50mins                    Gameplay

2hrs50mins – 3hrs                               Stretch & Round Up

3hrs onwards                                      The Debrief – Local Watering Hole


2hr Workshop Timetable

0-15 mins                                            Welcome & Warm-Up

15mins – 1hr 30mins                           4 x Technique Progressions and Challenges

1hrs30mins – 1hrs 50mins                  Matchplay

1hrs50mins – 2hrs                               Stretch & Round Up

2hrs onwards                                      The Debrief  – Local Watering Hole


Please note:

Drink breaks will be taken as and when required. Timetable is subject to change


Coach Ratio

Maximum coach to player ratio is 1:8