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Great in the warm up but shots breakdown when you start to play ?
Experienced player wanting the full skill set ?

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Player Levels

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Player Profile

Never played or has just started playing.

Playing Level

Learning basic techniques, coordination and movement to arm you with the skills to play the game.

Game Characteristics

Tactical focus is ball in play as you learn to build a rally with the forehand, introduce the backhand and progress to starting a point with an overarm serve.


Player Profile

New member at a club who has started lessons. Looking to improve to join in with club sessions. A lapsed player (A Rusty Racket). Occasional player who plays socially with friends or someone who plays during Wimbledon each year.

Playing Level

Able to start the point and maintain a short to medium length rally from the back of the court depending on the pace of the rally. Focusing on developing the basic strokes in the game including the return of serve and shots encountered at the net. Playing for fun rather than competing at this stage.

Game Characteristics

At Back: Forehand has some directional control and consistency in a rally situation. Backhand is a bit erratic and player may avoid to play a forehand instead. Serve & Return: Struggles with ball toss and has yet to establish a repeatable and reliable action. Return of serve is inconsistent. At Net: Can maintain a rally with the forehand volley. Backhand volley is erratic in terms of direction and control. Makes contact with smashes. Opponent Is At Net: Player uses lob to stay in the point.


Player Profile

Regular tennis players. Now playing doubles and or singles. Putting skills into practice and under pressure in a game situation Participates in club sessions. Competes with friends as practice. Enters singles ladders/box leagues. Player maybe plays in a lower club team.

Playing Level

Player is adding attacking and defensive skills to their game from the back of the court which necessitates a greater focus on court position as the point plays out. Player is developing a playing style and starting to employ basic tactics in a game situation. Capable of rallying consistently at a medium pace. Need to develop depth control on the backhand and placement on the second serve.

Game Characteristics

At Back: Forehand has directional control. Ability to attack and defend as well as rally. Backhand is developing spin. Player likely to defends with slice. Serve & Return: Has developed a first serve (repeatable/reliable action) and can hit with moderate power. Second serve is considerably slower. Has consistency returning second serves. At Net: Forehand volley can be directed, sometimes with aggression. Backhand volley is in play. Player can put away smashes.

Intermediate +

Player Profile

Second team or mid club team player (depends on size of club) Competes regularly in practice matches and/or league tennis.

Playing Level

Plays with some variety from baseline and can move opponent out of court. Player has a set style and can employ more tactics in a game depending on their strengths. Approaching net with some success and can close the point at net with volley or smash. Causes forced errors when landing first serve and places the second serve with depth. Execution of shots are generally solid so errors tend to be made through poor decisions, impatience or over hitting

Game Characteristics

At Back: Can vary height, speed and spin on forehand. Player can now control depth on backhand, however, it still breaks down under pressure. Serve & Return: Aggressive first serve. Using some spin on second serve. Player can attack second serves and get the ball in play returning first serves that land in the player’s hitting zone. At Net: Success (ball in play) with harder volleys (wide/low/half volleys) whilst receiving ball at pace. Developing touch.


Player Profile

First or second team player. Competes regularly (doubles/singles) in inter county leagues or tournaments.

Playing Level

Uses power, touch and can handle pace. Player often has a weapon in which they build their strategy around. Is developing counter-attacking skills from the baseline. Can hit winners off easy short balls and has confidence on first volley approaching net. Good depth and spin on second serve. Player can vary game plan.

Game Characteristics

At Back: Forehand can be used to rally at pace, attack, defend and neutralize (50:50 game situation). The backhand can now be used as an aggressive shot and player has some spin variety on this wing (topspin/slice/flat). At Net: Plays difficult volleys with depth. Standard volleys played with direction, depth and pace. Easier volleys hit as winners. Serve & Return: Has a variety of serves to bring out forced errors or to control the point. Has ability to adapt return technique to neutralize first serves that land in the player’s hitting zone.

Tennis Workshops

More Skills More Fun

Themes, performance factors, format and schedule

1. Themes

Each workshop is based on a theme specialising in a key area of the game, adapted to player levels.

2. Performance Factors

During the workshop we cover the 4 key performance factors encountered in tennis (Tactical, Technical, Mental, Physical). The degree of each factor depends on the theme.

3. The Coaching Format

The aim is to progressively challenge a new skill or improve an existing one
(i) Teaching Progressions (learn the skill)
(ii) Drills (develop the skill)
(iii) Conditioned Rallies (find out where you’re at)
(iv) Matchplay (can you execute the skill in an open game under pressure ?)

4. Schedule

Welcome, Intro and Warm-Up
3-5 sessions (Technical focus)
2-4 sessions (Tactical focus)
Stretch & Round Up

5. Play and Stay

Debrief at a local watering hole.
Find a new hitting partner. Plan what’s next.


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Tennis Workshops


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Fun, Social, Meet New Players

Round robin
Box League (with finals)
Knockout (with consolation draw)

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Private Coaching In London

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1:1 or small group (2-4 players) private coaching
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